Delayed Picture Processing

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I’m slowly learning that  processing a picture a few days, longer even, after making them . Personally I find it easier to process, and allows for a more pleasing end result.
Often I would get back from a trip, load my pictures onto the hard drive , grab a cup of tea and couldn’t resist editing a few. With tired dreary eyes I would finish go to bed, only to realize after looking at them in the morning that  the  result is far from pleasing.  So my method now, is to return from a trip, load them safely onto the hard drive and then forget about them for as long as possible .   I feel this helps me to dull my memory, and the excitement what I had seen, and felt that night, and any expectations I may have had from the evening. When I return to them I see them with fresh eye’s  and allows me to process them objectively, respect the picture for what it is, and bring the best out of the picture.   This one is a good example of that.  The night of the return, I didn’t even give this picture a second glance, but on returning I could see the potential for it to make a pleasing picture.

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  1. That’s a good approach Marc in particular I find if I’m still ‘buzzing’ it’s not the best time to process! That said it can be nice to do your editing when the memory is fresh and then come back to it later

  2. Good strategy Marc. I also find that some I had discarded with a “Hmm” at the time turn out to be worth a second look with, as you say, fresh eyes.

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